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About us

Dynamic Institute Of  Research Corp (DIR) is a 501c3 Private Foundation designed to help you. Our mission is to help solve our nation's problems, through research in real time. We are here to provide positive solutions to the most devastating problems facing our country, in real time. Problems that our government has failed to adequately address, with the most invasive being the proliferations of  under employment and drug addition.


We at DIR are uniquely qualified in the fields of drug elimination , suicide prevention and the violence and heart ache associated with it. Our country is under attack and make no mistake about it, with the help of we the people and GOD, together there is nothing we cannot do.

E Pluribus Unum is our nation's creed and means "Out of Many One". We will with the help of GOD overcome any problems or any attempt of division facing our country. We are the United States of America, populated by individual citizens coming together as one. We will no longer hide our light, but let it shine bright. A beacon to the world to see and we will again take our place as God's chosen people. With the help of our GOD we cannot be stopped. We elect our government to represent us, and from time to time must impress upon them, there is no them with out us, period...

Richard A. Caruth Is the chairman, president and chief executive officer. DIR is located in Colorado  Springs, Colorado. He is an American Patriot. 

Residence Colorado Springs Colorado

Nationality  American

Alma Mater University of Colorado

Occupation  Chair and CEO, Dynamic Institute of Research Corp

Married for 35-years

Children  2

Official Website Dircnow.com

Rich is an athlete and participated in Wrestling, Track and Field, Football, Baseball, Martial Arts and Tennis during his life. He coached little league football and basketball and had an undefeated season in basketball.  He attended the University of Colorado Boulder and University of Colorado Springs, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication with a Minor in Political Science. He attended The University of Phoenix Colorado Springs Campus and graduated in the top of his class with a Master's degree in Organizational Managemen. Also, Caruth finished his education burdened with the learning disability dyslexia, where he struggled, but thrived, and is a testimony to GOD, that all things are possible. 



We must act now. Dynamic Institute of Research Corp (DIR) has designed a program that will help reduce our nations drug addition pandemic. We introduce you to Demand Side Illegal Drug Elimination (DSIDE). DSIDE is a process consolation designed to create and implement a new drug elimination policy in real time.

We at DIR are experienced in drug elimination and blight control in neighborhoods beseeched by drug trafficking and the crime and dismay that goes along with it.

It was our intent to bring DSIDE to the president's attention, however, it fell on death ears. At that time it was apparent that the new administration had no intention in solving this attack on our communities. As you can see, the sentence time reduction implemented by President Obama has been reversed by the nations leading law enforcement agency. The new policy will in fact lock up your children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, that were deliberately exposed to legal opioids at an alarming rate. 

With leading

pharmaceutical  companies advertising their product on television without any regulation or restraint, that made in incumbent on you the patient to tell your doctors what kind of pain medication you need to relieve your pain. In return the physicians were implicit in over prescribing the drugs you demanded, as a result the pharmacies  had no choice but to fill the prescriptions. In short, millions are addicted to these drugs.

When this addiction got out of control the  burden was placed on the doctors to cut back on the drugs prescriptions and as a result, normal people like yourselves were forced to look into the illegal drug trade to meet your addiction needs.

As you know your teens want to experiment with your prescribed drugs. To them it was like taking a little drink out of your alcohol bottle  and as a result they are addicted to.

The drug dealers have different rules to their distribution process and now you are forced to play along with those rules. You and your children are dying in alarming numbers and the suicide rate for your children is out of control.

The time is now, you must decide what you are going to do.

Fake the Nation

Fake the Nation is a compilation of cartons drawn in color pencil. They are original cartoons that are made for enhancing the drive to save our children and families from serving maximum sentences in prison, a law reconstituted by Attorney General Sessions.

We at DIR are determined to provide quality drug prevention and work ready programing in real time. The cartoons are made by my seven year old granddaughter Fancy and I. This is our first time drawing cartoons and color pencils were her choice of medium. 

As you know the government is not showing any signs of significant help in resolving the drug addition and suicidal epidemic assaulting our children and families. Further, what happened to rebuilding our infrastructure? To eliminate drug addition and train our children in shovel ready jobs we must do it ourselves. 

Without government intervention the cost is going to be astronomical. However, together we can make it happen. We need donations. If you can donate ten million dollars or just one dollar, do it now. Remember, these are our families and the addictions are not of their own making, but caused by deregulation or the lack thereof, of the pharmaceutical companies. Pain killers were over prescribed and as a result our nation is in flux. Even Rush Limbaugh is a victim of these out of control practices. It took millions of dollars to get us into this problem and its will take millions to get us out.

Inside you will find out what our program encompasses  and the enormous task before us. We can do it as one people, one dollar at a time. By the way, that dollar is tax deductible. 

In the words of a very wise man "In the Urgency of Now." If you like a cartoon donate millions if you can, or donate what ever you can to help. See you inside, and thanks for taking charge of your own lives. 

Fake the Nation cartoons are just the first interactive tool we will be using to raise the money to  save our families. Stay tuned the best is yet to 

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Dynamic Institute of Research Corp

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We at Dynamic Institute of Research Corp are here to serve you. Right new we are working on Demand Side Illegal Drug Elimination (DSIDE).

This is a direct call to the people of our country to help stop the drug addition epidemic in its tracks. We need to get the building needed to house the entire drug elimination program called DSIDE. 

It will cost at least five million dollars to purchase the building. Some can donate the whole cost now and some can only donate one dollar. Our families and children are worth the cost. Further any donation is tax deductible. 

When you donate you will be privy to what and how we intend to tackle our nations drug addiction problem. Please make your donation today, because time waits for no one.   

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Display real testimonials

I was about to publish this website last night, Tuesday, September 13 2017. For some reason my computer kept crashing, so I decided to go to bed. Around 2:45 AM I was aroused by a thought in my head. I really thought nothing about it, however, I was wide awake, so I turned on the Television. It would not come on and the message in my head became more clear. It was simple. GOD gave his only begotten son. The emphasis was on Gave.

I tried the television again and it came on and I watched it until I fell asleep. When I awoke I felt compelled to read my bible. I picked up my bible and a section fell out. It was 2nd Corinthians 9 versus 6-9. "But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work. As it is written: "He has dispersed abroad, He has given to the poor; His righteousness remains forever."

Again, I didn't think to much about it. One thing I do know is, I need a new land line phone that can record messages, so I go to Walmart to pick one up.  When I came out of the store there was a disabled veteran asking for a donation, so I gave him one and went on about my business. I got in my truck and a man fell to the ground and his wife was trying to help him up. A Walmart employee also saw him fall and went to get him a scooter to ride.

I asked him could I help him get into the store and I noticed that he was a veteran. He said he had been struck by Lighting. The funny thing was, I must have walked right by him and never saw him. Even more peculiar than that, there was no Lighting. It's beautiful day here in Colorado Springs especially at 8:57 AM in the Morning. I told him that my brother David was struck by lighting on a beautify day too. I called David and told him what happened and he could not believe it. I told him I could not drive and was shaking. The man and his wife came out of the store and got in their car, just like that I was able to drive. It is now 10:45 AM and it's raining outside.

Glean from this testimonial what you will. Let those that have an eye see and those that have an ear hear, the time is upon us. 

If you have a testimonial write and send it to me at 4555 Wordsworth Circle South, Colorado Springs, Colorado and I will publish it on my website. Remember to donate $1 to help break this cycle of drug addiction and to  train our children to rebuild the infrastructure of our country.       

DIRC gets involved In gun violence prevention

DIRC is writing grants to help prevent gun violence. We are currently  writing a grant for Ammunition Identification Mark (AIM)  

Our last intervention was to reduce community blight, illegal drug abuse, gang violence and the carnage associated with it, in low-income subsidized housing projects. Our research has won a three-part grant totaling $500,000 from HUD, and the success of our program far exceeded the goals of their Drug Elimination Program, with an emphasis on drug elimination and gun violence.

 It is our mission to build a body of evidence for strategies to reduce gun violence, by providing credible research and access to data for successful gun violence prevention development, advocacy, implementation and the dissemination of research findings. We are proposing the feasibility of bringing an AIM chapter to all states, where gun violence has become common place and an accepted part of living, with the first fully functional one in your state.

 We are limiting the pilot to the state of Colorado, because we are immersed in second amendment rights advocates and responsible gun owners. 


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